Rime Foundation

Registered address: ul. Śródziemnomorska 55/18, 02-758 Warsaw.
Polish Court Register No. KRS: 0000620500

Tax Reference Number NIP: 521-373-65-90
Office and Centre address: 00-508 Warsaw ul. Jerozolimskie 11/19 apt. 042

Phone No. 48 22 115 8000

According to the Statute of the Foundation, His Eminence Beru Khyentse Rinpoche and Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche are the Patrons of the Foundation, due to a specific nature of the cooperation. Patrons are the experts in the Tibetan tradition, culture and art and they are providing the Foundation with regular consultancy in scope of its statutory activities.

Founder and President of the Foundation: Elwira Bocheńska elwira.bochenska@fundacjarime.pl
Member of the Board: Leszek Kasprowicz leszek.kasprowicz@fundacjarime.pl
Founder and Director of the Foundation: Krzysztof J. Witkowski krzysztof.j.witkowski@fundacjarime.pl

Records library: Artur Roman biblioteka@khyenkong.pl
Books library: Angelika Kijewska biblioteka@khyenkong.pl
Dharma Shop: dharmashop@fundacjarime.pl
Booking and course organisation: kursy@fundacjarime.pl

General bank account: mBank: PL91 1140 2004 0000 3202 7666 7168 „Donation for statutory purposes”
Account SOLELY for donations to the maintenance of the Centre: PL45 1140 2004 0000 3702 7666 7169 „Donation for gompa”
Dedicated account for the construction of the centre: PL33 1140 2004 0000 3502 7717 1980  „Special purpose donation to the target centre”


The activities of the Foundation are aimed at providing support to other foundations of a similar nature as well as to all individuals engaged in the preservation of the Tibetan culture.


Extract from the Statute of the Rime Foundation:

  1. The Foundation is a legal entity.
  2. The Foundation operates pursuant to the regulations of the Act of 6 April 1984 on Foundations (Journal of Laws of 1991, No. 46 item 203 as amended) and pursuant to this Statute.
  3. The registered office for the Foundation is Warsaw.
  4. The territory of the Foundation’s activity is Poland.
  5. In the pursuit of its statutory and economic goals, the Foundation can also operate beyond the borders of the Republic of Poland.
  6. For the purposes of international cooperation, the Foundation may use its name translated into other languages.
  7. The duration of the Foundation is unlimited.
  8. The Foundation may create branches, plants and regional offices as well as join other companies, partnerships and foundations.
  9. The relevant minister supervising the activity of the Foundation is the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

Chapter II. Objectives and principles of operation.

  1. The objectives of the Foundation are the following:
  1. supporting, developing, propagating and protecting the Tibetan culture;
  2. wide spreading humanistic values of Tibetan culture in the social awareness;
  3. supporting the dissemination of traditional Tibetan culture, art and values through educational activities;
  4. developing and enhancing the attitudes aimed at active cooperation for the development of Tibetan culture and art.
  1. The Foundation executes its objectives through the following activities:

– arranging meetings, lectures and cultural events financed by the Foundation;
– organizing and financing periodical publications, books, on-line and electronic publishing projects;

– gathering the collections of books, collecting magazines and other informational materials on Tibetan culture and art, as well as running a library devoted to this subject matter;

– supporting translation of texts related to the Tibetan culture, art and tradition;

– gathering the objects belonging to the Tibetan culture and supporting the development of handicrafts in this respect;

– educational and informational activities financed by the Foundation;

– financial and in–kind support for the organizations oriented in the transmission of the Tibetan culture;

– developing contacts, exchanging information and experience with natural and legal persons as well as with other organizations connected with the Tibetan culture;

– supporting acquisition or construction of the centres aimed at the dissemination of Tibetan tradition and culture, including maintenance and protection of monuments, provided they are used as the seats for such centres;

– charity, informational, educational, promotional, training, research and publishing activities financed by the Foundation, aimed at the execution of its statutory goals;

– performing administrative and auxiliary activities necessary for the operation of the office and the seat of the Foundation.

Chapter IV. The title of the Foundation Patron and Honorary Sponsor

  1. His Eminence Beru Khyentse Rinpoche and Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche have been accepted by the Founders of the Foundation as the Patrons, due to a specific nature of the cooperation. Patrons are the experts in the Tibetan tradition, culture and art and they are providing the Foundation with regular consultancy in scope of its statutory activities.

Natural and legal persons who donate to the benefit of the Foundation the amount of at least PLN 50,000 (fifty thousand Polish złoty) or – in case of foreign parties – USD 15,000 (fifteen thousand USD) during a year’s period (in form of multiple or single donation) are granted the title of Honorary Sponsor of the Foundation, provided this is consistent with their wish.

Chapter V. The organisation and bodies of the Foundation.

Founders: Elwira Bocheńska and Krzysztof J. Witkowski