Lama Stephane Offort was studying fundamental physics when he met the Dharma and became a disciple of Gendun Rinpoche. Inspired by the Master, Lama Stephane did a traditional 3 year-retreat under his guidance. Later on, following the wish to go further in his practice, he did 12 more years of retreat under the guidance of Lama Henrik and Lama Walli in the retreat centre in Le Bost created by Gendun Rinpoche for lay people. During this period, he was also assisting in giving explanations of the practices in the 3- year retreat centre.
Presently, being a disciple of H.E. Beru Khyentse Rinpoche, Lama Stephane shares his time between practice and teaching. On the request of Rinpoche, Lama Stephane teaches in the Khyenkong Centres in Poland and Hungary as well as in the Karma Kagyu Centres in France.

Lama Stephane is also a qualified mindfulness teacher and MBSR instructor.

He devotes his time to intensive practice and regular meditation retreats. In his way of teaching, Lama Stephane is concerned about how to deepen one’s personal practice, and shares his experience and knowledge about the ways of getting through the difficulties and possible traps one might meet in the practice of the Dharma.