Dziamgon Kongtrul Rinpocze 4th He was born as the son of the 2nd Beru Khyentse Rinpoche in 1995. Already in 1996, the 17th Karmapa Taye Dorje recognized the reincarnation of the great master and teacher Jamgon Kongtrul in a 1-year-old boy who greeted him throwing rice in the gesture of mandala offering. He gave him the name of Karma Mingyur Dragpa Senge Thinle Kunkhyab Pal Sangpo and confirmed the fact of recognition by an appropriate letter, also approved by the 14th Kunzing Shamar Rinpoche. At the request of Beru Khyentse Rinpoche one year later, under the Bodhi tree, the 14th Dalai Lama conducted the ceremony of cutting the hair of the young lama.
When the 4th Jamgon Kongtrul Rinpoche was 5, he began his formal Buddhist education. He studied texts of the greatest Buddhist philosophy, including Madhyamika and Bodhicaryavatara and achieved great results. He received transmissions and empowerments from the highest lineage masters. Karmapa gave him the Chenrezig initiation in the form of Gyalwa Gyatso, and Sakya Rinpoche Gongma – Hevajra. From Beru Khyentse Rinpoche he repeatedly received the Kalachakra empowerment as the “Treasury of all Oral Transmissions”, given by the 1st Jamgon Kongtrul.
Currently, Rinpoche is receiving further formal education, taking teachings and transmissions and he gives them himself to the increasing number of students. He also takes part in the annual meeting of the Kagyu Monlam in Bodhgaya. In 2014, together with the 17th Karmapa Thaye Dorje, he led the funeral of the 14th Kunzing Shamar Rinpoche. In October 2017 during a visit to Europe, Rinpoche gave teachings and empowerments during a course at his Center in Warsaw.
The 1st Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye was a great scholar, a visionary and master of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Along with Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo, he created the Rime movement by initiating gathering in the form of encyclopedia Buddhist sutras and tantras of all four schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and even the Bon tradition. He left five famous Treasuries (“The Treasury of Encyclopedia of Knowledge”, “The Treasury of Precious Termas” “The Treasury of Precious Instructions”, “The Treasury of Knowledge”, “The Uncommon Treasury”), which are a key source of theoretical knowledge necessary not only for the education of contemporary Buddhist masters, but the understanding of Tibetan Buddhism in the West.
In its current incarnation, he was born as the son of a friend and co-founder of the Rime movement.